Our eco-friendly weighted blankets have been engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce anxiety and increase relaxation. The secret behind this therapeutic blanket is the Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation. This distributes pressure across your body, which simulates the feeling of being hugged and relaxes your central nervous system.

This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels—improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time. All without ever filling a prescription or Benadryl that can leave you feeling groggy or unwell the next morning.

You can say goodbye to tiredness, crankiness, and low productivity, and get more things done in a day!

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Its unique silky smooth and feathery soft texture is quite unlike anything else you've slept under.

Our fabric offers all the advantages of bamboo charcoal and with the added benefits of bamboo lyocell

The many qualities of bamboo charcoal lyocell fabric includes:

  • Hypoallergenic – Free from harmful chemicals. These luxuriously smooth blankets are perfect for those with sensitive skin, hives, eczema, and acne-prone skin.
  • Has Antibacterial & Antiodor properties – Absorbs unwanted odour, sweat, and bacteria  keeping your blanket fresh every time, for a long time.
  • Water Absorbent – From accidental water spills to body sweat, wicks away moisture 50% than old-fashioned cotton. This absorbent bamboo material keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • Durable – Bamboo fabric is well-known for their durability. Even if after multiple washes, this strong fabric does not wear down. It will probably last longer than any clothes in your wardrobe.
  •  Thermal regulated and Breathable  – Perfect for year-round use, this blanket retains heat in cold weather and repels it when it’s hot outside.
  • Anti-Pilling  – No worries of fabric getting thinner and developing holes. It will come out of the laundry looking fresh and new, time after time.
  • Smooth and Luxurious – Its uniquely smooth and feathery soft texture feel like a perfect blend of silk and cashmere draping your skin. Your skin will thank you.
  • and  many more…
Just Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket with Cover
Weighted Blanket with Cover
Hot Sleeper? No problem. Bamboo is the best fabric for hot sleepers due to its moisture wicking, and its unusual breathing capabilities. The fiber is filled with micro gaps and micro holes, which allow for better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibers. Signup to learn more.
Full Zipper System
YKK Zippers

Full Zipper System to easily Attach and Detach Blanket from Its Cover.

The Maestra Blanket includes a convenient zipper system that makes blanket care a breeze.

  • No Sagging or Bunching.
  • No Annoying Ties or Fasteners
  • No Weight Shifting.
  • No Uncomfortable Clumping.
  • No More Ties Coming Loose.
With YKK Zippers, the top dog in the zipper industry and well known for their reliability and durability will produce a great system for keeping your weighted blanket intact.

Smaller Compartments - Optimize for Your Comfort

Many weighted blankets hold the beads in large pockets, but we keep ours in small, snug compartments. This ensures that the weight is distributed evenly and doesn’t sag or bunch up.  

Other Feature: We use tensile strength threads and bar tacking stitching method to sew our blanket and protective cover, making our blanket more durable.

Lady Enjoying Weighted Blanket
Glass Beads

Perfect Size Glass Beads for Maximum Impact.

We make sure the lead free, non-toxic, non-puncture and odorless glass beads we use are the perfect size for our blankets. This prevents leakage with additional small cut fabrics to avoid shifting noises when you move the blanket. On top of that, we add another lining to prevent the beads from passing through small holes and use double line stitching. The result? A better blanket, with more benefits.

bamboo charcoal fabric
Close up picture of the fabric (blanket cover)

Why You Want To Sleep Under Bamboo Charcoal Weighted Blanket


  • Fresh Blankets. Always.
  • Wake Up Feeling Refreshed & Energized Every Morning.
  • Your Skin Will Love It.
  • Softer & More Exquisite Than Cotton.
  • Provides More Comfort and Sustainable.
  • World’s Most Cooling, Breathable and Moisture Wicking Bedding.
  • Stays Cool No Matter What Season.


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